Posted by michaelgoldberg on Mar 22, 2019
JRiver Media Center 2019

JRiver Media Center 2019

When you will run this application for the very 1st time you will be greeted with the visually appealing user interface which has got modern and fresh looks. Visualization is designed very nicely as it will put various 3D animated frequency spectrum composed of the pictures you insert. Of the media folders of your operating system has been put to good use then the application has no problem in identifying the items you need to add to the library. There is a side panel in the interface which will let you quickly navigate through available categories like now playing, audio, images, podcasts, video, playlists and many more. You can also carefully create as well as manage the libraries in which your media files are stored. There are various different view types which are put at your disposal and you can switch to the mini view, theater, display and cover and each one of them is suitable for a certain type of media. It also allows you to rip the tracks from CDs and you can also burn custom ones and convert the audio files to various different formats. You can also edit the tunes and you can also go online with the help of integrated browser. All in all JRiver Media Center 2019 is an impressive application which can be used for searching, importing as well as organizing all of your media files and enjoy them in various different view types.

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