Posted by michaelgoldberg on Nov 20, 2018
Perry Marshall AdWords Mastery

Perry Marshall AdWords Mastery

Google AdWords has executed major changes in the last year. Each of them can either become your offensive weapon – or else a bullet in the chamber in another round of Russian Roulette.
Dear AdWords Professional:

When AdWords was THEE hottest thing on earth, the new kid on the block and the prettiest girl in town, affiliate marketing was likewise HOT. I knew guys and gals who were making ten thousand dollars PER DAY in invisible fishing holes all over the net.
The hype, the hoopla, the DIN about how you should jump on this thing and make some easy affiliate cash was unbelievably loud. 100 decibels loud. Louder than an Anthrax concert. Affiliate cash was EVERYWHERE and the proof was all around me.

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